One more time, that's it! It's 4:30am and I can't hit the snooze again or I'll be late. Oh well, nine more minutes isn't going to matter. What are they going to do, fire me? Twelve years of trying to fit in and being miserable, and now I can be myself. I'm so excited I can't get back to sleep. One hour later I'm in my Khaki uniform, listening to Rage Against the Machine, and dodging every maniac and moron in the Greater Tulsa area. I sit in the parking lot and listen to "Killing in the Name" one more time. Perfect! 8 hours later, and not a minute more, I'm done! I've turned in my security badge, my ex-boss has written down every password I know after I secured all the systems against myself (Hmm...), and I've said the few goodbyes I had to say. I won't miss any of it. And I'm sure they won't miss me.

That's how my carreer ended. Big Picture Idiot was written during the last two years of it. These 10 songs are an angry, sarcastic, and sometimes humorous look into a bad carreer choice and my everyday frustrations. This CD is not a product of teamwork or democracy. I wrote, performed, and recorded the songs myself. Some of my musical influences are Nirvana, Rush, Cake, Sting, and Funkadelic. I'm a huge fan of Mike Judge (Office Space), Trey & Matt, The Stooges, Monty Python, and the Young Ones. To some extent they all helped shape this record.