The Jamroom V3 and my gear

This is my new studio. I use Sonar, SoundForge, and Waves plugins on a PC that I built. I still use a MOTU 2408 mkII as my Digital Audio Interface. I recorded the drums with my Presonus Digimax and Studio Projects preamps. I used the Shure Beta 52 on the kick, 57s on the toms and snare, and a pair of Rode NT5s for overheads. The NT5s really made a difference on the cymbals. This time I added a mic on the Ride and HiHats. My bass was recorded using a Line6 POD X3. My Presonus preamps caused me some trouble with the guitars so I ended up sending them away for repair and got a couple of Focusrite Trackmaster Pro preamps. I recorded all guitar tracks with my POD X3, but could not fit them in the mix like I wanted so I started buying and rebuilding tube amps. I ended up with an Egnater Tourmaster 4100 head, a Marshall JCM-900 100w Combo and a Peavey Triumph 60 Combo. I got a Sennheiser MD 421 and a Sennheiser 609 and started micing guitar cabs. I use an assortment of speakers and cabinets, but my favorites are a pair of Weber BlueDogs in a 2x12 cabinet that I built, and some Celestion Greenbacks in another homemade 2x12 cab. I use a Shure KSM27 mic and a Focusrite Voicemaster Pro preamp for vocals. I play a Premeir Signia drumset, a LesPaul, a Tele, a Paul Reed Smith and a StingRay.

Jamroom      Paul Reed Smith      LesPaul      Tele      StingRay